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Eibach Pro Kit Springs Vw Golf VII Variant 1.6tdi, 2.0 Tdi E10-79-010-02-22

Eibach Pro Kit Springs Vw Golf VII Variant 1.6tdi, 2.0 Tdi E10-79-010-02-22

Eibach Pro Kit Springs Vw Golf VII Variant 1.6tdi, 2.0 Tdi E10-79-010-02-22    Eibach Pro Kit Springs Vw Golf VII Variant 1.6tdi, 2.0 Tdi E10-79-010-02-22

Pro Kit springs eibach vw golf vi variant 1.6TDI, 2.0 tdi e10-79-010-02-22. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Eibach suspension springs \Suitable for following vehicles.

Car: vw golf vi variant sportsvan type: ba 2.0 tdi, 1.6TDI year: 04.13 -> down: is approx. 30mm axle loads: will: 1070 kg ha: 1075 kg, 18, 20, 170. You do not know if the springs for your vehicle? Please contact us with the corresponding vehicle data. Our best seller par excellence. The first choice of motor sports fans around the world. Lowering the center of gravity. Characteristics of the progressive suspension.

The eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect solution for your production vehicle. Our system of springs proven maximizes handling of your vehicle and provides a sporty look, the Pro-Kit lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle and reduces the rebound during acceleration, reduces the tendency of the body to roll in turns and plunges during braking. The eibach pro-kit in combination with the appropriate wheels and tires is the guarantee of success for optimum performance. Pro-Kit also reduces unnecessary distance between the tire and the wheel well and gives your vehicle a sporty look. Eibach Pro kits are designed by our engineers and chassis experts test they offer a combination of sporty looks and performance without sacrificing safety or ride quality.

For the section allocation / vehicle information contained in the report or abe are crucial. To do this, compare the reception number by this point type \With the report information. Before installation, please check with a certificate of rooms / abe if the items delivered (see Parts Identification) are approved for your vehicle (see Scope).

The current parts certificate / abe'sen is available at www. In case of discrepancies, the parts must not be installed - in this case, please contact the seller. We recommend that installation of our products only in a qualified workshop perform with the appropriate qualified personnel and special tools required. The installation position you can \The number should not be \Once the components spring / chassis installed, a check is mandatory settings needed wheel. If the serial shock absorbers are not fully functional and have significantly weakened their effect, we strongly recommend that exchange against the new set of shock absorbers or sports dampers.

In sports line we recommend to install spring sports dampers like. All wheel / tire combinations which have been approved by the wheel types inspection stations can be used. The requirements in the wheel report or the approval of wheels must be respected with the exception of the requirement for series chassis. Depending on the engine, transmission, equipment and vehicle tolerances, lowering may deviate a few mm specified values. The amount of the reduction is reduced by the amount of the factory lowering.

The friendliness of our products relates to vehicles left in series. For conversions such as the installation of an LPG system, etc. Our products can not be used. The dimensions refer to new vehicles made in series.

Measurement points: vertical distance between the center of the wheel hub and the bottom edge of the wing. Basically, the specified dimensions are target values, which may vary depending on the vehicle. The spring plates installed at the factory are available in 8-23 mm thick in the db workshops. This allows to vary the lowering specified here. With 205/50/15 tires and rims 7 days x 15 - recommendation: installation of sports identical gas shocks.

If necessary, please ask for a source to our headquarters. Not usable with lower factory.

Includes system following points: air conditioning. 7 points automatic transmission 4 + 5 cyl. 4 points automatic transmission 6 cyl. 1 the seat electronic adjustment item. The choice of the rubber pads is shown in the following table: up to 7 points included.

8 mm (1 node) to 13 points included. 13 mm (two buttons) to 21 points included.

23 mm (4 buttons) more than 21 points. The lowering kit is not suitable for this version. Except vehicles with level control. The 6-cylinder motor vehicles must be converted into sports dampers.

Except vehicles with AWD / 4x4. Except vehicles with adjustable damping force electronically controlled.

In conjunction with springs or eibach the original chassis. Front and rear axles adjustable in height with struts. The front axle may be set higher by helical springs, the rear axle by the setting unit to the pitch. To guarantee sufficient freedom of movement, the combinations of wheel / tire may require standard braces required. For a lowering of more than 40 mm and a diameter of the drive shaft upper right 42 mm, eventl. The series stabilizer can be replaced. The stabilizers set required here is available as eibach. E40-85-005-01-10 available in well-stocked specialty stores.

Only for vehicles with electronic control of driving stability. Height adjustment only in the range of values ​​specified in the certificate of parts. Only for vehicles with chassis abc. Unless special models \While stocks last! Only for vehicles with a strut of diameter on the front axle of 55 mm.

Only for vehicles with a strut on the front axle diameter of 50 mm. Additional accessories of the vehicle manufacturer are necessary for vehicles with EDC. For the front axle: BMW ref. Bearing 31331091019 31331116983 disc dome + + 31331110196. Sleeve for the rear axle: BMW ref.

Support bearing 33521 091 710 + pot holder 33,521,090,282 + 33,521,092,986 disk + protective tube 31,331,137,932 elastomer + 33,531,091 031. Only the front axle can be set higher with legs suspension of springs rear axle + dampers. Only the front axle can be set higher with struts, a rear axle damper. For versions from 04.2002 year of construction, the attachment of the piston rod is full and covered with a lid flap (the thread of the piston rod is not visible). Braking pressure regulator depending on the suspension on the rear axle must be controlled in accordance with specifications Workshop Manual and, if necessary, be reset. The level of shock absorber on the rear axle is against damper series sedan mmc room no.

The dampers of hectares should be replaced with dampers provided. Additional original parts that are not included in delivery may be required for the chassis components installation. Please note the relevant technical documents (certificate of parts, installation instructions), you can look on our homepage. Without Stow'n Go model.

The dampers of hectares to be replaced by conventional dampers. On vehicles equipped with standard dampers (2r 4r or marking) on ​​the rear axle, they must be replaced with standard dampers with the 1u or 3u marking Reference: 96 80 99 98 - catalog number 48 06443. Only for vehicles with a clamping diameter of the damper. On the front axle 51 mm. If necessary, please contact Hansen shares styling, tel. Only for vehicles with suspension a fighter. Only for vehicles with two leaves and suspension single sheet with cushion.

Authorized only for vehicles of class M1G vehicles if their driving noise does not exceed 74 dB (A). The class of the vehicle must then be changed to m1. On vehicles equipped with fog light and a combined position of fire, make sure the bottom edge of the projector is less than 350 mm above the ground. If this is the case, additional position lights shall be installed above this dimension.

Standard position lights must then be turned off by removing the bulb and disconnecting the cable connection. Only for vehicles with standard 15-inch tires. Not suitable for the model variant \Only for vehicles having the following properties: will: spring steel, ha: control level. Not suitable for Colt rallyart from 2009.

Fixing the struts with screw m14 (mounted on wheels 4 holes). Check: this kit fits: 10. Turnover = letter a, b .... Increased axle load for the operation of the trailer (see certificate parts).

If there is a license for personal use, an acceptance according to §19 / 2 StVZO is required. This function must be disabled on vehicles with electronic damper control.

Not suitable for version 1.6 Racing (DS3). If necessary, please contact the autohaus haese, tel. For vehicles with front wheel drive. Series of spring plates are used. No AC (without air conditioning).

Damper with hole for m12 thread. Front damper outer diameter 45 mm. Due to the use of gas pressure technology dampers b6 / b8, the amount of reduction may differ slightly depending on the vehicle. For helical spring with inner diameter 116 mm.

For coil spring 106 mm internal diameter. For vehicles without mounting holes at the front: 58 mm. Mounting holes on the front: 75 mm. Not suitable for vehicles with xenon light (no support for level sensor controlling the headlights scope on the damper). Damper with hole for thread m16.

For version with short wheelbase. Only for vehicles without bad road construction. For version with standard train ride. Damper with hole for m10 thread. Damper with hole for m14 thread.

For versions with drum brakes. For versions with disc brakes. Only for vehicles with axle base.

Only for vehicles with more axles. Not for the variant of 1Bh equipment - bad road package. For vehicles with helical suspension. Front damper outer diameter 47 mm.

When using the frame, the functionality of the electronic control damper is omitted. The error message displayed on the onboard computer can be disabled by an authorized workshop.

No model jc works gp. Type: g07, g08, g09, g11. Type: g07, g08, g09, g11, gt, gti. Type: 033 m, except m30 turbo. Chassis Number: 199008 to 199209.

From the chassis number: 199210. From the chassis number: 3b-ye121222. The vehicle identification number: 4b-w-070001 to 4b-200 000-y. From chassis number: 1-000-4d 001. From the chassis number: 51000001.

>; from chassis number: 200007. From chassis number: 5-400-8 001. From the chassis number: 7-400-8 001. From the chassis number: a394035.

Not for distribution in China (Taiwan). Only in connection with bilstein. 50-174546 - only available from fa. Only in connection with the reference BMW 31 32 1139423 (2x) - only available in the original part dealers BMW. Only in conjunction with the reference BMW 31 33 1139 436 - can be purchased at retailers Original BMW parts.

If replacement parts are needed: references of the components can be found in the expert opinion under \You can find the expert reports on www. In - in the area of ​​\Have your documents vehicle, part numbers and proof of purchase handy. Not for version \Also for the version \Only in connection with the reference BMW 33 50 6 778 572 (2x).

Can be purchased at retailers Original BMW parts. Until the chassis number: 7l-9-045000. Only for vehicles with PASM (electronic control of the shock absorber).

If necessary, please contact Toyota deutschland gmbh Tel: 02234-102-0. For vehicles with multi-link rear axle (wheel independent suspension).

For vehicles with rear axle twist beam (rigid axle). Only for the coupe version. Not for version with shock absorber on the rear axle. For vehicles with electronically adjustable dampers (standard equipment). The functionality of the electronic damper adjustment is removed.

Pro-tronic removes the error message / indicator on the screen after installation of the coilover kit (PSS). The pro-tronic unit is included in the set. The pro-tronic am65-20-030-01-22 kit is required for vehicles with electronically adjustable dampers (standard equipment)!

For version \The M1G vehicles (ATVs) should be rewritten as M1 vehicles (passenger cars). From wauzzz8..11201 chassis number. For vehicles without chassis amg. For vehicles with chassis amg. We are happy to answer all your questions.

Monday to Thursday: 8 am to 17 pm Friday: 8 am to 14 pm. The item \\ tuning, styling \ suspension \ kits short springs \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

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    Eibach Pro Kit Springs Vw Golf VII Variant 1.6tdi, 2.0 Tdi E10-79-010-02-22    Eibach Pro Kit Springs Vw Golf VII Variant 1.6tdi, 2.0 Tdi E10-79-010-02-22