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Kw Weitec Lowering Spring Kit Vw Golf III + Vento Diesel 1.6-2.0 +

Kw Weitec Lowering Spring Kit Vw Golf III + Vento Diesel 1.6-2.0 +

Kw Weitec Lowering Spring Kit Vw Golf III + Vento Diesel 1.6-2.0 +    Kw Weitec Lowering Spring Kit Vw Golf III + Vento Diesel 1.6-2.0 +

Kw Weitec lowering spring kit vw golf iii vento 1.6-2.0 + + diesel. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Product page zinit solutions gmbh. Working hours Monday to Friday 8:00 6:00 p.

KW suspension springs Weitec Springs and vw golf iii vento + 1.6 - 2.0 Diesel. If you have any questions about our products, treatment etc. Contact us by email or phone. Weitec lowering spring of remaining stock manufactured by KW.

Vw golf iii vento 1.6 + 2.0 + diesel. This item comes with certificate tüv parts. Sport springs Series F sport springs Weitec are made of high quality according to DIN ISO 9001 in the denveloppement cold process.

Steel high-quality chrome silicon and extended consolidation procedures and lenduit final epoxy ensure driving pleasure long. Since more than 1000 sets of springs with discreet to extreme depth lapping, also wedge, we have developed many complete suspension solutions Ultra series in conjunction with our gt damortissement system. A more comprehensive programs and detailed suspension with some extraordinary applications meet almost any sports car driver requirements. Discreet deep lapping of 20 to 45 mm (for use with standard or sports dampers such dampers Weitec GT). Lowering 50mm for the combination with shorter shocks.

Absorber with damping preset characteristics. Finishes versatile lowering the subtle to the extreme and also with the wedge. Sets Spring with the approval of tüv and applications with abe. With Weitec suspension technology, you will probably one of the cheapest available suspension programs in the European market. Of course, Weitec offers the highest quality and exceptional driving characteristics. The current product line offers everything from springs dabaissement sports dampers, through the complete suspension up to one of the most important programs for shock absorbers and suspension systems. Innovative developments, such as control of the vehicle height, are also a feature of Weitec suspension technology. Thank you for the materials, suppliers and many years of experience in the production of carefully selected landing gear, we can guarantee a consistently high quality of our sports suspension applications. Through the use of synergies within the automotive gmbh kw we offer everyday use, functional and safe products to have the latest process of testing and development.

Weitec, a product with an excellent price / performance. List of applications driving the vehicle. This article may be used among other things fã¼are the following vehicles.

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Kw Weitec Lowering Spring Kit Vw Golf III + Vento Diesel 1.6-2.0 +    Kw Weitec Lowering Spring Kit Vw Golf III + Vento Diesel 1.6-2.0 +