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Simple Spring Pro Kit Vw Golf VII Type 5g E-golf E10-85-041-04-22

Simple Spring Pro Kit Vw Golf VII Type 5g E-golf E10-85-041-04-22

Simple Spring Pro Kit Vw Golf VII Type 5g E-golf E10-85-041-04-22    Simple Spring Pro Kit Vw Golf VII Type 5g E-golf E10-85-041-04-22

Simple spring pro kit vw golf vii kind 5g e-Golf e10-85-041-04-22. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Suitable for the following vehicles. Vehicle: VW Golf vii guy 1 5th-golf construction year: from 02.14 -> Lowering kit: will: ca.

20mm axle loads: goes: 970 kg ha: 1040 kg Notes: a, 18, 20 no. If they are not sure if the specific springs to your car ?? please inquire with the corresponding vehicle data with us. The first choice of motor sports fans around the world.

The lowering of the vehicle's center of gravity by up to 40 mm. The eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect solution for your vehicle. Our legendary spring system that dramatically handling your vehicle and so provides a sporty look. Pro-Kit lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle and reduce squat during acceleration, reduces body roll in corners and excessive nosedive under braking.

The eibach pro-kit in combination with the wheels and tires, is the guarantee of successful and optimal performance. Pro-Kit also reduces the necessary distance between the tire and the wheel and gives the vehicle a sporty look. Eibach Pro-Kit is designed by our engineers and test suspension of experts, which provide a combination of looks and sporty performance without sacrificing quality or safety of the horse.

To Article / vehicle allowance of the information contained in the conclusions of the inspection and abe prevail. Including approval number that for this purpose the point \In comparison with the data in the report. Please check before Certificate installation pieces using / abe if an article (see Parts Identification) for your vehicle (see use area) are allowed. In case of discrepancies, the parties should not be installed - please call in this case the seller.

We recommend installing our products in a qualified workshop to allow the necessary qualified staff and special tools necessary for the performance. The installation position you can \The number should not be \Once assembled, the components spring / suspension is required to have an audit of the wheel necessary adjustments. Should not the production shocks to be fully functional and have eased significantly in their effect, we strongly recommend the exchange of new standard shock absorbers or sports dampers. Bei sportline we recommend sports dampers installation, such as springs. There is every wheel / tire combinations that are released by the wheel type testing.

The works in the wheel or abe-wheels must be complied with, except for the standard suspension provided. According to engine, transmission, equipment and vehicle tolerances lowering may differ from a few mm from the specified values. The extent of lowering is reduced by lowering the amount of the series. The applicability of our products refers to non-treated standard vehicles. When modifications and accessories accessories under reserve series too!

, Such as the installation of a special brake system (e. Ceramic bremslanlage) zenralverschluss wheel, sport suspension, gpl system, etc. Can not be used, our products can. Sizes refer to non-standard treaties new vehicles.

Measurement points: vertical distance of the hub center to fender lower edge. Basically, instructions of data dimensions, which may vary depending on the vehicle.

The preinstalled retaining devices are available in doses of 8 to 23 mm in db specialized workshops. So labaissement specified in this location may vary. 205/50/15 tire and rim 7 days x 15-recommendation: Assembly calipers sports - gas shocks. Delivery only Germany only special distributor. If necessary, please ask the source to our central office.

Do not use with the descent plant. Includes the following scoring system: air conditioning. 7 points automatic transmission 4 + 5 cyl. 4 points automatic transmission 6-cyl. 1 point headlight cleaning system.

1 seat electronics setting item. The selection of rubber washers results in the following table: up to and including 7 points.

8 mm (1 shag) up to and including 13 points. 13 mm (2 pips) up to and including 21 points. 23 mm (4) more studs 21 points.

The equipment of lowering is not appropriate for this release. Except vehicles with level control.

On vehicles equipped with an engine 6 compliance cylinders on the sports component is required. Except vehicles with four-wheel drive / 4WD drive. Not for vehicles with electronic suspension adjustment. Eibach in combination with springs or original suspension. Front and rear height adjustable axis with threaded spacer.

Front axle adjustable upper by means of threaded spacers housing, rear axle adjustable in height. To ensure a sufficient clearance, spacers may be necessary to use standard combinations wheel / tire.

For a lowering of more than 40 mm and a diameter of the tree transmission top right 42 mm, must eventl. The stabilizer of the series to be replaced. Here stabilizer required for all is under eibach Part No: e40-85-005-01-10 available in well-stocked shops. Only for vehicles with electronic stability control. Height adjustment in accordance with the specified parts tüv certificate values.

Except for special models \Only for cars with a diameter of the damper 55 mm on the front axle. Only for cars with a diameter of the damper 50 mm to the front axle.

For vehicles with EDC additional components required automaker. For the front axle: BMW room ID: dom storage 31,331,091,709 + 31,331,116,983 washer + cuff 31,331,110 196. Lessieu rear: BMW room ID: bearing 33,521,091,710 + carrier disc 33521092986, pot 33,521,090,282 + 33,531,091,031 elastomers + protective tube 31,331,137 932.

Only upper axle adjustable by threaded strut housing, springs of the rear axle + dampers. Only upper axle adjustable by threaded strut housing, dampers of the rear axle. For models constructed from 04.2002, the piston rod assembly is recessed and hidden by a cover flap (piston rod son is not visible).

The suspension travel brake pressure regulator dependent on the rear axle must be checked in accordance with the requirements of the maintenance manual and reset if necessary. Amortization of hectares to be replaced with the supplied buffers. The additional work required parts are required for installation of landing gear components are not included.

Please refer to the relevant technical documents (certificate of parts, installation instructions), which can be found on our website. The register must be replaced with conventional dampers ha. Vehicles with shock absorbers level (2r marking or 4r) on lhémagglutinine, it must be replaced by standard shock absorbers with 1u or 3u marking, reference number: 96 80 99 98 48 06 -number 443 of the catalog.

Only for vehicles with four-wheel drive! Only for cars with a tightening diameter of the spacer. On the front axle 51 mm. Only for vehicles with a single sheet.

Only for vehicles with leaf springs and two bands with pad. For vehicles equipped vehicle category M1G will be allowed if their rolling noise does not exceed 74 dB (A). The class of vehicle is then changed in m1. For vehicles with a combined front fog lamps and front position lamp is to check whether the bottom of the lighthouse is less than 350 mm above the ground. This is the case, additional lights above this level should be applied.

Standard position lights are then be turned off by removing the bulb and loosen the cable connection. Not suitable for the model \Only for cars with the following characteristics: steel spring, ha :: goes leveling. Not for the execution art Colt Rally 2009. Strut with mounting (mounting hole 4-wheel) screw m14.

Mounting strut with screw m16 (5 fixing holes of the wheel). Check this kit fits in: 10 digits is the letter a, b ... Increased axle trailer in operation (see parts of opinions). An individual approval, decreased need 19/2 StVZO under §. On vehicles with electronic dampers must be disabled. Not suitable for version 1.6 Racing (DS3). For vehicles with front wheel drive. No AC (without air conditioning). Damper with hole for M12 discussion. Through the use of the gas pressure dampers technology / b8 b6, measuring the specific lowering of the vehicle differ slightly. On vehicles equipped with electronic damping systems during installation, b12 chassis eliminates the damping adjustment feature. If possible, we recommend that you avoid the error messages using pro-tronic. For the helical spring with inner diameter of 116mm. For the helical spring with inner diameter 106mm.

For vehicles without 3rd row seats. Spacing front mounting holes: 58mm. Not suitable for vehicles with xenon light (no support for adjusting the headlight range sensor at the height of the shock absorber). Damper with hole m16 discussion. For models with short wheelbase.

Only for vehicles without off-road. For models with standard chassis. Damper with hole m10 discussion. Damper with hole m14 discussion. For models with a drum brake.

For models with disc brake. Only for vehicles with the axis base. Only for cars with positive axis. Not suitable for vehicles with trim 1Bh - rough road package.

For vehicles with coil springs. Outside diameter 47mm leg strength.

When using the chassis, the electronic control functionality amortization is not necessary. The displayed in the error message from the onboard computer can be authorized workshop off. When available for your vehicle, we recommend pro-tronic to remove the error message to use. No model jc works gp.

Model: g07, g08, g09, g11. Model: g07, g08, g09, g11, gt, gti.

Type: 033 m, except turbo m30. Model: without EDC (elekronische damping control). 199008 Completion of the chassis number: 199210. The chassis number: 4b-w-ahead 070001-4b-200000.

The chassis number: 1-000-4d 001 chassis number: 51000001. >; the chassis number: 200007.

The chassis number: 8 d-x-200000. The chassis number: 5-400-8 001. Not for distribution in China (Taiwan). Only in conjunction with Bilstein Part # 50-174546 - cover only about bilstein way. Only in conjunction with BMW part number 31 32 1 139 423 (2x) - reference only through parts BMW original profession.

Only in conjunction with BMW part number 31 33 1139 436 - reference only through parts BMW original profession. To order spare parts needed: references of individual components, please see the report under \For parts, please contact your dealer / source. Keep your car documents, part numbers and proof of purchase. Not available for \Even for execution \Only in conjunction with BMW part number 33 50 6 778 572 (x 2).

Only available from BMW original parts trade. Country of origin: United Kingdom. Only for vehicles with PASM (electronic damping control). For vehicles with multi-link rear suspension (independent suspension).

For vehicles with rear axle twist beam (rigid axle). Not for models with shock absorber on the rear axle. For vehicles with electronically adjustable dampers (standard). Pro-tronic removes the message / error light on the screen as installing dampers Sports / coilovers (b12 / pss) without electronically adjustable dampers. The functionality of the electronic damper adjustment is not necessary.

Pro-tronic removes the error message / control on the screen that the installation of the threaded frame (pss). The pro-tronic unit is included in the set. The pro-tronic set am65-20-030-01-22 is required for vehicles with electronically adjustable dampers (standard)!

For version \Vehicles of category M1G (saw) should be rewritten as M1 vehicles (passenger cars). For vehicles with chassis amg. Not for version \Spring must be changed in certain circumstances.

Set e8530-140 existing spring should if necessary against spring original nr: 1ho412341 be replaced. The existing spring should if necessary e8547-140 value e8550-140 be redeemed against spring original nr: 357412341a. Type: g03, g04, g05, g06, g07, 0N4.

Type: g03, g04, g05, g06, g07, 0n1. Only for vehicles without PASM (electronic damping control). Only for vehicles without air suspension. For models: amr, not for models 3 March (USA).

Not for models 3 March (USA). Shock: will: length: 564 mm, ha: length: 666 mm.

Shock: will: length: 543 mm, ha: length: 645 mm. For vehicles with EDC (electonic damping control). Available only for export, not in Germany.

(Only without pieces) review For models with long wheelbase. For questions, please contact you always. Monday to Thursday 8.00 to 17.00 clock clock Sunday: 8.00 14.00 clock clock.

Please inquire before buying these costs! The item uning styling \ suspension \ kits short springs \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

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    Simple Spring Pro Kit Vw Golf VII Type 5g E-golf E10-85-041-04-22    Simple Spring Pro Kit Vw Golf VII Type 5g E-golf E10-85-041-04-22